Read 4 All Seasons. The library of works by Tony DePaul.
Read 4 All Seasons. The library of works by Tony DePaul. 

Books by Tony DePaul

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Philadelphia Homicide Detective Rowena "Ro Ro"  Morse solves ten murders in Philly's 14th District. Ro Ro, 42, single thanks to her divorced, cheating husband's death, uses her Street Smarts, computer skills, and excellent analytical abilities to solve murders. Her life and work is complicated by her attraction to Hollywood handsome criminal, Germantown John Mancuso. Each story brings her into conflict with him, yet embroils her in conflicting emotions. In the climax of story nine, their relationship explodes under a devilish drone attack.


Ro Ro will captivate you, charm you and amaze you. You will never forget RO RO Morse: Philly's Most Fearsome Detective.

The City of Brotherly Love is under attack from within. Greedy and ambitious politicians and civic leaders collude to steal a section of the City and turn the property into a lucrstive casino complex. Only new Mayor Henry Rich stamds in their way at his own peril. 


Bodies appear as the cabal fights to steal Philly. 

Henry must step up and defeat the thieves before they steal his life.

Stealing Philly, a book hard to sit down. 

In Murder Most Religious, murder begets murder. Set at the campus of Philadelphia University, a determined Philly detective clashes with a former lover as he searches for the truth behind multiple murders of students from her post-graduate course. The case is further complicated by the looming ghost of a prior murder.


The search for truth turns on an attempted murder of the professor. Finally, the truth emerges from an unexpected source, sending the killer fleeing. No one has figured out the ending. See if you can solve it!

"What a falling out there was."  -- Hamlet.

A young man is confronted in his office by a dying police detective who reveals that "your father 's death was not a suicide. He was murdered." Alarmed, he consults his fiance' and an old friend who knows more than he has told.


The hunt for the truth is on, and the story enfolds after many twists and turns including a mystery phrase from his childhood, when his father told him why Dinosaurs Can't Dance."


Private Detective Dorian Wilde and his lover, Assistant District Attorney, Alice Rowe, try to prevent the assassination of the Mayor of Philadelphia and the plundering of the City's financial resources.


The assassination will leave the City in the control of three secret societies allied under a fourth sect–The Philadelphs–-a society dating to the French Revolution. The three connivers, the Maccabees, La Camorra, and the Scottish Knights form an iron triangle of wealth and power to hold the City financially in chains. 


Tracking the evil conspiracy lead the couple on  a trail of rape, murder, and betrayal.

Facing mortal danger, Dorian and Alice fight the cabal to save the City and themselves. Triangulation means more than a means or a method in this thriller sure to excite. 

In the novel Brothers, Private Detective Dorian Wilde wants to exonerate his imprisoned brother, John , convicted of killing his girlfriend,  based on the testimony of corrupt police Detective Vince Palladino and his partner Simon Brown,  and also Dorian's ex-lover, Alice Rowe, a clever Assistant district Attorney. 


Frustrated by Dorian's blind love for John and anxious to rekindle their relationship, Alice agrees to help him once and for all, to clear John.


The couple find themselves venturing down a treacherous trail. In the end, Dorian learns the irony of the living in The City of Brotherly Love.

A fascinating collection of image rich poetry and unforgettable short stories.

Readers have come away from these poems with a deeper, richer view of life.

The poems depth charge the reader's most heartfelt emotions on love, evil, betrayal, hope, and courage. The Lyricism and vivid imagery stay with the reader long after the final poem-– "An Ode to Janice Joplin."


The stories evoke images painted of the core of human nature and the human conditions of which we can all relate: growing up, losing loves, gaining courage.


You will feel these poems, these Reflexions, like so many epiphanies, each lighting your heart and mind.


In the Shadow of Cain tells the story of the story of Roland Valente and his son, Rollie, fighting against evil in two wars and against ISIS. Inventive, enthralling, alive with memorable characters across India,Pakistan, Switzerland, Great Britain, and the USA. Take a thrilling, whirlwind ride amongst evil and good clashing on the world stage. The apocalyptic ending will haunt the you forever.


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Philadelphians: A Literary Mural coming Septmeber 2021

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