Read 4 All Seasons. The library of works by Tony DePaul.
Read 4 All Seasons. The library of works by Tony DePaul. 

Tony DePaul

Welcome to a total reading experience that will be a truly worthwhile experience!  If you enjoy mysteries, crime, thrillers, or detective stories, I am certain you will find a story that keep you reading until the wee hours. So please fasten your reading chair seat belt and join me in a fun-filled, reading flight that will uplift you and entertain you. 


Philadelphians: A Literay Mural

Soon to be a #1 Amazon Best Seller


Take a historical and cultrual trip through Philadlephia as experienced through the eyes of several witty and gritty Philadelphians.

 Ro Ro Morse: Philly's Most Fearsome Detective

Rowena Morse is a Philly homicide detective stuggling with her attraction to a crime boss and working under a corrupt boss. Can Ro Ro keep her integrity and do the right thing or is she doomed?

Stealing Philly

Murder, political corruption, greed, vanity, betrayal envelope Henry Pell the Mayor of Philly in a murderous web. He escapes an assignation attempt to find the truth but his path to justice exacts a heavy toll on him. He rises from the ashes of his Government resolved to lead Philly to a clean, just future- so help him God.

Murder Most Religious

The vicious murder of a Philadelphia University Graduate Student of religion leads a Detective to investigate a select seminar of students and their teacher. The detective and the teacher strike up an old romance, two more students are murdered, while an old closed case resurfaces. Could it be that the past and present are linked?


Private Detective Dorian Wilde wants to free his imprisoned brother John, convicted of killing his girlfriend based on the testimony of corrupt police detective. Will his blind love for his brother be his final case?


First in a Two Part Series.


  Dectective Dorian and his lover, ADA Alice Rowe, face mortal danger after they prevent an assassination of the Mayor of Philadelphia, uncover an evil conspiracy, and become involved in a bloody trail of murder, rape and betrayal. Can he and Alice fight the cabal to save their City and themselves?


The Sequel to Brothers.

Dinosaurs Can't Dance

With the chilling words of ex-cop Bertie Dwyer, "Your father didn't commit suicide; he was murdered," David Lane's life changes forever.

His quest for his father's killer leads him into the family history and secrets that should have remained hidden. 

In the Shadow of Cain

Roland Valente and his son, Rollie, are fighting against evil in two wars and ISIS.

Will they survive the fight as it takes them across India,Pakistan, Switzerland, Great Britain, and the USA? The apocalyptic ending will haunt the reader forever.


Reflexions is a collection of poetry, and short fiction, singular expressions of pain, love, grief, salvation and betrayal. The book poses moral questions amid tangible, vivid images and draws the reader into a world at once Existential, Deistic, Dramatic and Unforgettable. The mixture of emotions and tension will excite you to read, and you will remember Reflexions forever.




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